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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Communication is important for us. Since the development of the internet, it has made communication faster and more efficient by using emails.
With this technology, researchers and developers invented the Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP for short. VoIP works like your regular landline phone, but instead of using telephone lines, VoIP uses the internet to transmit voice and video data to the person you are calling. With VoIP, it is possible to make free or cheap long distance calls.
VoIP not only enable us to call long distance free, but also lets us view the person we are calling with the use of a webcam or videophone.
With free long distance calls and conferencing, VoIP benefits businesses in many ways. Many features offered by VoIP free or at a minimal cost enabled VoIP literally replace traditional phones.
VoIP is probably the best way to keep in touch with your business associates and customers.
With VoIP it can make your business, either small or large, have an edge against your competitors.
Here are some features that can benefit your business by using VoIP:
With video conferencing capabilities, you can conduct meetings and presentation right in your own office. No longer will you spend expensive travel expenses when using VoIP. It allows you to close deals with your customers a lot faster than before.
Save money on phone bills. With VoIP, this is possible. You will just pay your monthly internet connection bills and small fees to your VoIP internet service provider allowing more profits for your business.
Not only that VoIP is limited to calling other VoIP phones, but it also allows you to call mobile phones, regular phones, and long distance or international numbers for a very low cost.
With the technology to take your own personal VoIP number, it is possible to make and receive calls anywhere you are in the planet as long as there is an internet connection. This feature allows you to not miss any business opportunities or emergencies while you travel.
This means more business deals, therefore, more profits and also you can take care of your clients while you travel, answering their important questions about your products or services.
A business wants to minimize expenses in order to gain more profit, therefore allowing the business to grow. With VoIP, it can significantly cut your phone expenses, traveling expenses, and more.
However, no matter how many great features VoIP offer, it still depends on your internet connection. If you plan to integrate VoIP in your business, be sure your internet connection is high speed and reliable in order to prevent voice delays or being cut off.
Remember that good communication is crucial for a business to succeed, meaning that a voice lag can mean the difference of an answer to your business associates or clients. A one-second delay may not seem much but it can make the difference of a simple “yes” or “no” answer. This can lead to misunderstanding, therefore, possible of not making the deal.
Choosing the VoIP service provider is also an important factor for your business. Choose one that offers maximum voice quality and reliability.
Also, remember that features such as caller ID, call waiting, speed dialing, call forwarding, video phone, voice mails, call logs, conference calls, long distance or international calls, and call hold should be offered cheap or no fee at all.
Bob Hett has extensively covered the VoIP Service Provider industry as an analyst and has researched the various companies for factors based on price, reliability, support and overall quality. Learn more at VoIP for Business
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